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Ding Batsy is BeBe's
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OZZY OSBOURNE in order to work with The SULTAN of SULTRY as she
thinks he will be the

BeBe cringes as he prepares to be clipped for
"Locks of Love"


BeBe's song: She's Bad plays for 2 minutes & 3 seconds during the steamy love scene in HBO's cult classic Ski School.

BeBe "Big Hair" Bardot

also known as The Sultan of Sultry, The Don Rickles of Rock, The Torturer of Tourists, and The Wizard of Wine Fests

Welcome to the Official
BeBe Bardot Website
Sometime during the evening of April 16th, 2010
we lost our talented friend and musician, BeBe Bardot.
Brad Braendlein (AKA The Bugle Boy) and
I, Diane Irvin (The Whole Shebang) hope to
create a web space where BeBe
can be memorialized and remembered. I worked
personally with BeBe on this website and it's exactly
how it was the last time we worked on it together.
Brad and I hope to add more over time.
Brad has some pictures and links on his website: and I have some things
also on The Whole Shebang!'s website and plan
to add more stories and pictures. BeBe was very
instrumental in the publication of The Whole Shebang!
and wrote several stories and reviews.
He will be deeply missed by us all.
BeBe's Myspace page:

Some Previous Clients*: 
*(Custom Musical Roasts or other type of shows)
Henry Estate Winery; Sylvan Ridge Winery; Jeld-Wen Engineering; Mortgage Market Inc.; Strawberry Fest - Vashon Island; Cranberry Festival - Bandon; Bandon Wine & Food Festival; Champagne Creek Winery; Roseburg Chamber of Commerce; Land of Umpqua Wine Fest '00, '01, '02, ; Orenco Systems; Umpqua Valley Arts Assoc.; The Crosswater Golf Club; 1st & 2nd Annual Riverstock Festival; 7 Feathers Resort; United States Shipping International (Portland); General Freight - Portland; Harvard Dental Group; Bandon Oregon's Police Chief; Reese Electric Annual BBQ; Blackwell's Hair Design; Coos Bay Nissan; Chu's Eatery; South Coast Subaru; Coos Bay Nissan; Coos Head Builder's Supply; Sunshine Tropicals - Fla.; Coos County Postal Inspector; Grant's Pass Oregon Kiwani's Club; Larry's Xpress Lube; Hog Field Run; Firehouse Restaurant; 3 D Development; Noti Pub; Village Inn; Laughing Clam; Tea by the Sea; Oregon Wine Magazine; Al's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration; Bandon Lion's Club; Columbia Aviation Association and a myriad of other private & public functions.

*Lord Bennett's: (541) 347-3663
Lord Bennett's website:

*Some of these entertaining events will feature BeBe
& one or more entertaining guest artists!!! 

There will be more shows year round. 
(E-mail Sire Bardot for details)

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The Don Rickles of Rock: BeBe "Big Hair" Bardot! 
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BeBe "Big Hat" Bardot

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